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5th Masters Hernia Course
5th Masters Hernia Course
Date of Event:

22, Nov 14 09:00 am To 23, Nov 14 05:00 pm


Swagat Hospital, Guwahati

Event Details:

Dr Vandana Soni , Sr Consultant Max Hospital Saket with participants during the 5th Masters Hernia Course at SWAGAT, Guwahati under ASA and IAGES.

VAAFT Workshop
VAAFT Workshop
Date of Event:

12, Nov 14 12:00 am To 12, Nov 14 07:00 pm


Strasbourg, France

Event Details:

Xth International Congress of the Asia Pacific Hernia Society
Xth International Congress of the Asia Pacific Hernia Society
Date of Event:

06, Nov 14 08:00 am To 08, Nov 14 05:00 pm


The Fairmont Hotel, Jaipur

Event Details:

November 6-8, 2014

Jaipur, India 

APHS 2014


The Xth International Congress of the Asia Pacific Hernia Society and the 8th National Congress of the Hernia Society of India



The Xth International Congress of the Asia Pacific Hernia Society and the 8th National Congress of the Hernia Society of India was held at the Fairmont Hotel, Jaipur, India between 6-8 November, 2014. The Congress was supported by the Hernia Society of India(HSI) , the International Endohernia Society (IEHS) and organized by Ayushman Institite of Laparoscopic Surgery, New Delhi , India.


APHS 2014 was attended by around 500 participants from 33 countries from across the globe.



The theme of the Congress was “ Mechanisms of mishaps and risk reduction strategies in Hernia Surgery”. There were 2 plenary sessions, 11 symposia , 2 keynote lectures, 1 presidential address, 3 debates, one Rapid fire session and special lectures on Guidelines of hernia repair and recent landmark concepts in hernia surgery.

In total, there were 31 scientific sessions including video sessions. There were 3 sponsored sessions during the Congress.

The total number of abstract submissions were 200. Out of these, 186 abstracts were accepted of which, 47 were accepted as poster presentations and 139 as oral/ video presentations.


The biggest highlight of the scientific program was the debate on Endo lap repair will be the standard of care for groin hernia. Dr Andrew de Beaux spoke for the motion while Dr Muddebihal contested against it. The debate was moderated by Dr Pawanindra Lal and Dr Campanelli. This session saw active participation from the audience and was a huge success.


5th November, 2014


A day prior to the commencement of the Congress, the faculties were invited for a truly royal affair – a Royal dinner hosted by the Rajmata of Jaipur (Queen mother of Jaipur) at her residence, the City Palace.

The dinner was attended by approximately 125 people and was the highlight of all social evenings during the Congress. Before departing for the City palace, the guests were welcomed with the traditional ‘Turban tying’ ceremony.

At the dinner, a sound and light show was organized depicting the tale of Jaipur, the Pink City and the history of the family of Rajmata Padmini Devi.



6th November, 2014


On the first day of the Congress, live surgeries were telecast from Mahatma Gandhi Hospital Jaipur to the conference venue, the Fairmont hotel, Jaipur.. Emphasis was laid on the recent advances in hernia repair and the mechanisms for risk reduction. The workshop was very well attended and moderated by experts in the field of herniology.


Following the live surgical workshop, a Polo match was organized by the Amity Education group at the Rambagh polo grounds, Jaipur.

Approximately 400 people gathered to enjoy the Polo match and it was a huge success. The polo match was followed by the Elephant polo game during which many of the faculties mounted on the elephant to play the sport. The event was a fusion of royalty and sport. Towards the end of the game, a High tea was organized.


The Hernia Society of India’s Executive Committee meeting was organized at the Fairmont hotel at 7 pm.


The day ended with a faculty dinner organized on the rooftop of the Fairmont hotel, Jaipur exclusively for the invited faculties. It proved to be an excellent opportunity for networking and entertainment.


7th November, 2014


This day marked the beginning of the scientific programme which started with Dr Davide Lomato’s talk on Hernia:  Surgery & Society followed by Dr Bittner’s lecture on Three guidelines  ( EHS,IEHS,EAES)  in inguinal hernia repair  - confusing or helpful and supplementary?”


The session on Recent landmark concepts in Hernia surgery (speakers- Jan Kukleta, Anil Sharma) was extremely informative. There were 2 keynote lectures and 1 Presidential address that were extremely well attended.

A special felicitation ceremony was organized for Dr HG Doctor to honor him for his contributions and achievements in Hernia Surgery.


There were two debates (Endo lap repair will be the standard of care for groin hernia and Use of mesh is unnecessary to achieve a successful hernia repair )organized simultaneously in two halls which saw an impassioned interaction between the speakers and the audience.


The APHS Executive Committee meeting was organized in the Fairmont hotel between 1 to 2 pm.


A competitive session was organized, the judges for the session were Dr Suthep, Dr Marc Miserez and Dr PK Reddy. The best oral (Bassini prize)l, video (Stoppa prize)  and poster presentation (Cooper prize) awards were presented in the evening during the Gala dinner with a cash prize of 10,000 INR each.


The scientific program ended with an interesting RAPID FIRE session that constituted interesting videos/ case scenarios on mishaps in hernia surgery and how to manage them. This session was presented by Dr Manish Baijal and involved panel discussion with experts sitting on the panel.


In the evening, a Gala dinner was organized for all the delgates, faculties and industry partners. The dinner was based on a Bollywood theme. The participants enjoyed the diversity of the Indian cuisine and Emcee & Singer Dilruba Pandey enthralled the audience with her spell binding personality. She ensured all attending participants with equal feavour socially as shown during the academic sessions of the day.


8th November, 2014


The last day of the congress primarily focused on the scientific sessions, the key highlight being the session on “Video stories: how I messed it up and escaped:”

Another interesting session was on Super seven safety steps for commonly performed hernia procedures. This session constituted lectures from the experts in the field from across the globe.


The scientific sessions ended by afternoon and a special Farewell lunch followed.

The participants enjoyed the authentic cuisines and flavors of Rajasthan.


Mechanism of Mishaps & Risk Reduction Strategies in Hernia Surgery
Date of Event:

06, Nov 14 12:00 am To 08, Nov 14 12:00 am


Fairmont, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Conducted by the Ayushman Team

Event Details:

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